Ilias Durin

Recently deceased hermit monk, former womanizer.


Ilias was a monk from Viras, Asmen, before becoming a hermit to meditate in peace. He was a tall man, with healthy tanned skin, hazel eyes and dark, slightly ruffled hair. He would usually be seen in a fine, if ragged waistcoat with brass buttons under a white shirt, with black trousers and leather boots below.


Born in a small village somewhere in Thanarin to a wealthy family of loan sharks, Ilias spent much of his young life living a privileged life, and, in his mid to late teens, enjoyed all the pleasures that the local girls had to offer. After sleeping with the daughter of a particularly angry farmer (who happened to own a pitchfork or two), Ilias was chased from the village by angry parents with only the clothes he had on his back. Without a penny to his name, Ilias traveled the lands, desperately seeking money or a place to stay. Eventually he came across a monastery high in the mountains, who offered him a bed for as long as he needed. Then, under the tutelage of the High Priest Aron Tiul, Ilias learned the ways of the Ricceshin Monks and the worship of Thrum, the god of knowledge and magic. Ilias stayed in the monastery for many years, learning and growing his magical skills. When he turned 27, however, Ilias decided that he had learned all he could for the moment, and set out to meditate in a cave to find enlightenment.
After two years, Ilias returned to the monastery, only to find it burned to the ground. Distraught, he asked what had happened in the nearby villages. A kindly blacksmith and his wife explained, and offered him a bed for the night. Ilias graciously accepted, and planned to seek out other followers of Thrum. However, when the morning came, Ilias found that he had been snatched away, and awoke on the streets of the Steam-Powered City…

Ilias was slain by a pair of troglodytes in the sewers of the Steam-Powered City, after his friend, Vary Welle, failed to heal him. He bled out after being partially disemboweled by the claws of the troglodyte known only as “Troglodyte 1”.

Ilias Durin

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