Marcus Daedannan

Former sailor from the kingdom of Egrond


Marcus is tall human with broad shoulders and long brown hair, a short beard and tanned skin
He is quite loutish but prone to suggestion and undeniably loyal to those he chooses to follow.


Marcus was born in the slums of the Engrondian city of Stormcover to a mediocre whore and a poor fisherman and lead a particularly uneventful adolescence working at the docks a ship boy eventually working his way to a steady job as a dock hand and a bruiser for his captian known to everyone as “Mateo” onboard the trade ship called the Sea Wretch. Marcus mostly worked in ports across Thanarin but did on a few occasions visit distant lands like tropical Tonrorgo and frigid Vuthan. One night during a particularly rough storm while en route to Iagrana Marcus fell especially drunk which led him to fall hard a second time this time on the deck, he woke up in the Steam-Powered City. His shipmates probably think he’s dead somewhere at the bottom of

Marcus Daedannan

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