Vallirane Faeifeth

Colmeri revolutionary in the Steam-Powered City.


Vallirane is a Colmer, or a Snow Elf, from the southern plains of Faspein. She has flowing silver hair, somewhat matching her pale white skin, all sitting over a blood-red bandanna tied around her head which covers her left eye, along with a gruff expression which warns others, among other things, not to ask about it. Her visible eye is a bright yellow colour with orange streaks in the iris. She is taller than the average Snow Elf, and she has very pronounced cheekbones, which both suggest High Elven ancestry. She believes in freedom for the people trapped in the Steam-Powered City, and will not rest until this goal is achieved, willing to do anything necessary to accomplish it.


Vallirane was presumably born sometime around 4E 745. She has mentioned her parents owning a farm when she was little, and that it was destroyed by Touldari colonists, who killed her parents in the same night, when she was around 11. Little else is known about her background, as she rarely talks about herself. Sometime after arriving in the City, she got in a fight with a Peacekeeper, one of the automaton guard forces, losing her left eye. She then started the underground rebel group, the Clockwork Resistance, which has slowly been gaining power for the last twenty years. Even though she can seem rough and strict to those who don’t know her, she is very easygoing and friendly around her few close friends. She dreams of returning to the soft, waving plains near her home in Faspein, though she has very few memories of her home at all.

Vallirane Faeifeth

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