Provinces and Continents

The known world is split into many kingdoms, provinces, empires or dictatorships, all coexisting in one small world.

Thanarin, in alphabetical order:

  • Athijan, an isolated desert ruled by one large feudalist kingdom.
  • Asmen, the rocky landscape which is the main Imperial province.
  • Deltur, a small kingdom mainly dominated by the mining industry.
  • Egrond, a large coastal region home to the immense Imperial navy.
  • Iagrana, a cold and mountainous kingdom which has rough relations with the Empire.
  • Maevolia, an Imperial land of calm forests and quiet valleys.
  • Polimere, a relatively peaceful kingdom, home to the Mountain Dwarves.

The Elven Isles, in alphabetical order

  • Afeldell, a region of vast plains and deep valleys.
  • Nel Alora, a swampy marshland of strange, tangled mushroom trees and deranged sorcerers.
  • Nytholuma, a land of matriarchy filled with dense rainforests and small rivers.
  • Tonrorgo, an archipelago covered in jungles and small valleys.
  • Vynaia, the northern matriarchal head of the Isles, both politically and literally.

The Colonial Isles, in alphabetical order:

  • Barenthia, a colony unfortunately caught in the cross-fires of war.
  • Detriyna, a quiet southern region of the Colonial Isles.
  • Edron, a Human colony in a state of constant war with Ichus.
  • Ichus, an Elven colony in a state of constant war with Edron.

Deneirland, in alphabetical order:

  • Atraya, a land of sunny beaches named after General Sarya Atraya.
  • Daenelis, a cold mountainous region, especially in the northern Icelands.
  • Faspein, a kingdom of peace and tranquility, located south of Daenelis.
  • Highton, a vassal of the Vuthanic Empire, filled with Touldari colonies.
  • Vulthan, the economical and political head of Deneirland, named after Emperor Elidyr Vuthan.

The Dragon-Lands, otherwise known as Daenerakiin, in alphabetical order:

  • Lyrroth, a somewhat peaceful region under the reign of Lyrroth, younger sister of Umbaroth.
  • Myrthesia, much more lively than the areas around it, ruled by the Dragon-Lord of Life.
  • Rusorth, a land of ash and the stench of centuries-old death.
  • Tyrea, a violent nation known for its frequent wars and slave executions.
  • Umbaroth, a strict dictatorship under the rule of Umbaroth, the Dragon-Lord of Death.

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Provinces and Continents

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