The Ethereal Sphere

THE ETHEREAL SPHERE, or the Known Realms, is what the peoples of Myneria call the collection of planes of existence. Included in these are Myneria itself, the demonic Eternal Realm, the realm of gods otherwise known as the Immortal Plane, and several other undiscovered ones, though it's debated whether those ones exist or not. Traveling between these planes at will requires an immense amount of power, and there's a decently high chance that you'll die upon leaving the mortal plane. The only ones who possess the ability to do this today are the more powerful demons, the gods themselves, and Banuvin Valaoren, an Azomeri wizard in Nel Alora whose specific whereabouts are unknown.

The Mortal Plane, AKA the Known World of Myneria, is where the mortal peoples all reside. It is a realm of war, famine, disease, and terror, though compared to the Eternal Realm it is a relatively peaceful and relaxed plane of existence. Several different races, creatures and monsters reside in these lands, who are all strangely obsessed with killing each other.

The Immortal Plane is the realm of the Gods, where they all feast by the hearth with their fellow deities, as well as a special few people who have earned a spot at their divine table. People such as Duranil Vuthan, pioneer of the Colmer people, are said to have ascended to this realm upon their death. Suspiciously absent, however, are the Imperial deities of Thanarin…

The Eternal Realm is a land of fire, blood, and lava-red ash, where the demons lurk when they are not terrorizing the mortal world. Very little is known about this world, as there are few who have dared to venture through the hellish portals which powerful monsters like balrogs conjured. The few who did eventually ended up getting mauled by a demonic beast before they could report their findings, and the Eternal Realm remains largely a mystery to this day.

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The Ethereal Sphere

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